Natural Zircon (Jarkan) Stone

Natural Zircon Stone (Jarkan)

Natural Zircon stone (Jarkan) is a natural and colorless stone whose transparency decides the stone’s quality. It holds equal benefits to that of a Diamond in regards to the Venus planet.  Often it is worn as a substitute for colored Zircon (Jarkan) Stone and Diamond. So Buy Jarkan Gemstones Online as they are known for enhanced physical and mental health. Also, Jarkan Stone helps wearers to make their dreams into reality and helps in keeping a person spiritually and emotionally balanced.

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Information About White Zircon Stone (Jarkan Gemstone)

White Zircon Stone, also known as Jarkan Gemstone, boasts a myriad of characteristics that make it distinctive and highly valued:
1. Durability: Renowned for its hardness and durability, White Zircon is suitable for various jewelry styles.
2. Brilliance: Its exceptional brilliance and fire often rival that of diamonds, adding to its allure.
3. Affordability: A cost-effective alternative to diamonds, offering an affordable yet elegant option.
4. Versatility: White Zircon is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of jewelry designs.
5. Healing Properties: Associated with promoting physical and mental well-being, it is believed to have healing properties.
6. Astrological Significance: Revered in astrology, White Zircon is often recommended based on astrological considerations.
7. Dispels Negativity: Thought to dispel negativity and bring clarity, fostering a positive aura.
8. Clarity and Transparency: Known for its clarity and transparency, enhancing its visual appeal.
9. Cultural Significance: White Zircon holds cultural significance in various traditions, symbolizing purity and clarity.
10. Timelessness: A timeless gem, White Zircon has adorned jewelry for centuries, making it a classic choice with enduring popularity.

Jarkan Stone CutFaceted (Oval, Cushion, Emerald Cut, Round), Cabochon
Jarkan Stone OriginSri Lankan, Africa, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Brazil
Jarkan Stone ColorBlue, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown
Jarkan Stone TransparencyTranslucent, Semi-Transparent, Transparent
Jarkan Stone TreatmentUnheated, Untreated
Jarkan Stone ShapesOval, Cushion, Round, Square, Emerald Cut
Jarkan Stone CertificationsIGI, GIA, AIGS, GJSPC, IGI&I, IGL, IIGJ, GIL, GII

Maintaining the pristine beauty of your White Zircon Stone is straightforward with these simple care guidelines:
1. Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away daily grime and maintain the stone’s clarity. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the surface.
2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Keep your White Zircon away from harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners and perfumes, as they can diminish its sparkle over time.
3. Store Separately: To prevent scratches, store your White Zircon Stone separately from other jewelry, ideally in a fabric-lined jewelry box or pouch.
4. Regular Check-ups: Periodically inspect the stone for loose settings or any signs of wear. Timely attention to issues can prevent more extensive damage.
5. Mild Soap Bath: For a deeper clean, soak the stone in a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. Gently scrub with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.
6. Professional Care: Consider professional cleaning and inspection by a jeweler to ensure the continued brilliance of your White Zircon Stone.

How to Wear White Zircon Stone (Jarkan Gemstone) Ring or Pendant-

Dhaaran Vidhi:
Before wearing the White Zircon Stone, purify it in unboiled milk, pure Ganga water, honey, flowers, and pure ghee. Follow the recommended procedure for a harmonious and aligned connection. Here’s a concise guide on how to wear a White Zircon Stone Ring or Pendant, designed for those acquiring gemstones from our online and offline platforms:

WeightApproximately 1/10th to 1/12th of the body weight. 
ColorBlue, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown
MetalSilver or Gold
Finger“Ring Finger” of any of the working hand.
Day & TimeAny day, early morning between 5 to 8 AM
Chanting Mantra   Om Hram Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah’, ऊँ हं ह्रीं हौं सह सूर्याय नमः| (108 Times)
Vedic RashiTaurus, Libra
Western Sun SignTaurus, Libra
Suitable AscendantsTaurus, Libra, Capricorn

Indulge in the elegance of White Zircon through our platform, ensuring authenticity and excellence in every gemstone purchase.

Benefits of White Zircon Stone (Jarkan Gemstone)-

Discover the myriad benefits of the White Zircon stone, a gem with a brilliance that goes beyond its dazzling appearance. Here are seven reasons why adding White Zircon to your collection is a wise choice:
1. Clarity and Purity: White Zircon is celebrated for its exceptional clarity and pure white sparkle, resembling the brilliance of diamonds.
2. Spiritual Healing: Believed to have spiritual significance, this gemstone is thought to enhance spiritual growth and provide a sense of tranquility.
3. Aid in Decision-Making: White Zircon is said to promote clear thinking, aiding in decision-making processes and helping one focus on their goals.
4. Emotional Balance: Wearing White Zircon is believed to bring emotional balance, fostering feelings of joy and contentment.
5. Enhanced Creativity: The stone is associated with stimulating creativity, making it a valuable companion for those involved in artistic pursuits.
6. Boosted Self-Esteem: White Zircon is believed to boost self-esteem and confidence, encouraging a positive self-image.
7. Physical Healing: Some traditions attribute White Zircon with physical healing properties, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Embrace the White Zircon for its beauty and the holistic benefits it may bring to your life.


Who Should Wear White Zircon Stone (Jarkan Gemstone)-

Curious if White Zircon, also known as Jarkan Gemstone, is the right fit for you? Here are seven characteristics that might make you a suitable candidate for this dazzling gem:
1. Seekers of Clarity: If you value clear thinking and decision-making, White Zircon is believed to enhance mental clarity.
2. Lovers of Purity: Individuals who appreciate purity in both aesthetics and life may find the pristine brilliance of White Zircon appealing.
3. Deep Thinkers: White Zircon is associated with promoting deep thought and analytical skills, making it suitable for those who enjoy contemplation.
4. Style Enthusiasts: Fashion-conscious individuals can embrace White Zircon for its elegant appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to their style.
5. Harmony Seekers: If you strive for balance and tranquility in your life, White Zircon is believed to bring harmony to the wearer.
6. Innovators: The gemstone is thought to stimulate creativity, making it a potential choice for those engaged in innovative pursuits.
7. Those Embracing Change: White Zircon is associated with transformation and adaptability, making it suitable for individuals navigating through life changes. Consider White Zircon if these qualities resonate with your personality and aspirations.

Factors Influencing Zircon(Jarkan) Stone Prices-

The price of a White Zircon is determined by several key factors, each influencing its overall value:
1. Cut: The precision and quality of the cut significantly impact the brilliance and overall appearance of white zircons, influencing their market value.
2. Color: White zircons typically exhibit a clear and colorless appearance, with some stones displaying a slight tinge of yellow or brown. Pure white zircons are often more desirable and command higher prices.
3. Clarity: The clarity of white zircons, determined by the presence of inclusions or flaws, can affect their value and pricing.
4. Treatment: Some white zircons may undergo treatments like heat treatment to enhance their clarity or color, which can impact their market price.
5. Shape and Weight: The shape and carat weight of white zircons contribute to their pricing, with larger stones and unique shapes often being more valuable.
6. Origin: White zircons are found in various locations worldwide, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Stones from reputable origins may command premium prices due to their quality and authenticity.
Considering these factors collectively helps in understanding the pricing dynamics of Jarkan Gemstones in the market.

Q: What is Jarkan Gemstone, and why should I consider it?
A: Jarkan Gemstone, also known as White Zircon, is renowned for its brilliance and clarity. Consider it for its elegance and reputed metaphysical properties like enhancing clarity of thought and promoting balance.

Q: How can I verify the authenticity of the Jarkan Gemstone I purchase?
A: We assure authenticity with a certificate accompanying each Jarkan Gemstone, guaranteeing its genuineness and quality.

Q: Is Jarkan Gemstone suitable for everyday wear, and how do I care for it?
A: Jarkan is durable and suitable for daily wear. Maintain its shine by cleaning it with a soft cloth and mild soap, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals.

Q: Can Jarkan Gemstone be worn with other gemstones?
A: Yes, Jarkan can be paired with certain gemstones. Seek advice from our gemstone experts for guidance on compatibility and aesthetic appeal.

Q: Is there a specific metal that complements Jarkan Gemstone?
A: Jarkan is versatile and can be set in various metals like silver, gold, or platinum. Choose based on your personal preference and skin sensitivity.

Q: Does Jarkan Gemstone have any spiritual significance?
A: While primarily appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, Jarkan is not associated with specific spiritual meanings. It is cherished for its natural beauty.

Q: Can Jarkan Gemstone attract positive energies into my life?
A: Jarkan is believed to bring positive energy and enhance mental clarity, contributing to a more optimistic outlook on life.

Q: Can men wear Zircon Stone jewelry?
A: Absolutely. Jarkan is versatile and can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. Its neutral and brilliant appearance makes it suitable for various styles.

Q: How do I choose the right size and cut for my White Zircon Stone?
A: Consider personal style and preferences when choosing size and cut. Our experts can assist you in finding the perfect match for your preferences.

Q: Is Zircon Stone a suitable choice for engagement rings?
A: Jarkan’s brilliance makes it an elegant and unique choice for engagement rings, offering a distinct alternative to traditional gemstones.

Q: Can I wear Zircon Stone during physical activities?
A: While Jarkan is durable, it’s advisable to remove jewelry during strenuous activities to prevent damage.

Q: Do you offer international shipping for Jarkan Gemstone, and how is it packaged?
A: Yes, we provide international shipping for Jarkan Gemstone. Each gem is securely packaged to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, wherever you are.

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