Australian Opal Stone Price

Opals are one of Australia’s most treasured and sought-after gems, with an alluring play of color that sparks the imagination. The Australian Opal Stone Price is determined by its size, shape, pattern, and quality. The most sought-after opal is the black opal, which is considered to be the rarest and best quality of all the varieties. 

The value of an opal is also determined by the presence or absence of secondary hues and colors, including red, blue, green, yellow and orange flashes. The more vibrant the play of color in an opal, the higher its value. Similarly, the body tone of an opal can also impact its price; darker stones are worth more than lighter ones.

The cut of the stone also affects its value and can be a major factor in determining Australian opal price. A well-cut opal will generally bring a higher price than an untreated stone. The color of the opal is essential in determining its value, as well. It may be worth paying more for a piece with bright and vibrant tones, as these will make it stand out more when set in jewelry.

Whether you’re looking for small, affordable pieces or large, valuable opals with incredible color play, Australia has something for everyone. With a vibrant, diverse range of opal varieties and prices to suit every budget, you’re sure to find the perfect gem for your collection.

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