Yellow sapphire (pukhraj) price

The yellow sapphire is said to help one achieve power, status and respect in society. It enables them to gain a better understanding and knowledge of their work. The stone also helps to increase concentration, focus, wisdom and intellectual capabilities as well as career success. It is believed that the yellow sapphire works to prevent any kind of financial losses and bad luck.

Yellow sapphire (pukhraj) price is influenced by many factors. Firstly, the origin of the gemstone greatly affects its value. A yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) will be more expensive than one originating from India due to scarcity and increased demand for Ceylon-origin stones. Similarly, the hue and saturation of the stone also play a part in determining the price. The more saturated and even the yellow color, the more valuable it is. Furthermore, clarity is also a key factor in pricing as no one wants to purchase a stone with many impurities or flaws.

The carat size and weight of the stone are also important factors in determining its price. Generally, bigger stones will cost more as they are rarer. Furthermore, shape and cut also help to add or detract from the value of a stone. Typically, a well-cut yellow sapphire will fetch a better price than one with an imperfect cut.

Overall,Yellow sapphire (pukhraj) price depends on various factors such as origin, hue saturation, clarity, carat size, shape and cut and treatment applied to the stone. Therefore, it is important to do your research before making a purchase and ensure that you are getting the best quality stone for your money. With careful consideration, you can be sure of obtaining a beautiful yellow sapphire at a price that fits within your budget.

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