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Australian Opal Stone

Australian Opal Stone, with its nebulous nature, appears naturally in a variety of playful colours like fire, jelly, hyalite etc. But the most sought-after variant is not as flamboyantly coloured, instead, it is the Australian white opal gemstone with a beautiful clear appearance and a plethora of astrological benefits.

Opal Stone is widely used for jewellery, with the naturally occurring stone being especially sought after and often used as an astrological substitute for diamond, unlike which, it shows no negative effects. Known to hold the power of Venus, it provides prosperity in relationships and helps in attaining a luxurious lifestyle.
From a medical perspective, Opal Stone is beneficial against eye-related disorders, for maintaining hormonal stability, and for people suffering from infertility.

Importance of Opal Stone:-

Ruled by Venus, it is the birthstone of those born in October. Strongly tied to luxury and relationships, with the correct application of Vedic Astrology, the Opal stone helps the wearer to lead a luxuriously rich lifestyle in terms of prosperity, marital stability, amplifying social standing and reputation. It also aids in relieving physical ailments.

The Opal Stone Presents a Lots of Healing Properties-

  • It helps to treat medical disorders like stomach and eye
  • It helps to find love, good luck, happiness, positivity
  • It enhances creativity, passion and strength
  • It provides stability in troubled marriage
  • It improves the functioning of kidneys
  • It showers good fortune
  • It provides charm, beauty and financial growth
  • It helps you to get out of legal matters
  • It protects you from going towards dangerous places
  • It heals spine and blood related problems
  • It connects you to positive earth’s energy to benefit from it
  • It strengthens the will to life especially in people suffering from Parkinson’s

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Note : – Don’t Wear Any Gemstone Without Astrologer’s/Experts Advice

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