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Benefits Of Wearing Sapphire Stone

Benefits Of Wearing Sapphire Stone :-Sapphire is a variety of corundum or aluminum oxide, Al203 gives its chemical formula, that is, two parts of Aluminum to three parts of Oxygen.

Most widely known sapphires include Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, White Sapphire, and Pink Sapphire Stone. The yellow, pink, and blue sapphires stone gain their distinct colour from trace iron, Chromium and trace iron and titanium respectively. White Sapphire gemstone on the other hand is a transparent stone made of pure corundum which is the cause of it holding no colour.

Beginning with the Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj Stone, it is one of the most sought after stones among the navratnas, known to hold powers of the heaviest planet Jupiter itself.
From an astrological perspective, Jupiter is known to be the representation of intelligence and judgement, and owing to this symbolism, the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is a perfect match for scholars, authors, creatives and authors.

It is also known to provide marital harmony, especially to women, providing them with a compatible groom, matrimonial happiness and healthy offspring.

In Hindi culture, Jupiter has often been referred to as Guru, and hence, the Yellow Sapphire is capable of having a positive impact on the lives of teachers, advocates and judges.
Jupiter is also known as the planet with the most benefits, and with the Yellow Sapphire nullifying all its harming effects, the wielder of this stone is bound to receive Jupiter’s well wishes.

Coming onto the health benefits, the Yellow Sapphire is also beneficial for kidney and mouth related illnesses, including cold and cough. This makes it an ideal match for anyone wishing to get relief from such ailments. The wearer is also protected against accidental deaths.

Compatibility is another important aspect for the wearer of Original Pukhraj Stone. Although it is beneficial for all zodiac signs, Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer and Aries are especially benefited from this gemstone.
Yellow Sapphires are worn on the index finger of the correct hand on the Thursday morning of the Shukla Paksha/Waxing moon for maximum benefits.

Moving forward towards the blue sapphire; Being one of the most precious gemstones, it represents the strongest planet Saturn, which is also considered to be the most harmful. Hence, wearing this gemstone helps keep the wrath of Saturn at bay.

Blue Sapphire Stone /Kashmiri Neelam Stone is known to bring financial goodness, helping the wearer restore past financial losses as well.
The stone is also beneficial in a social setting; avoiding bad company and maintaining professional relationships is one of its known benefits.

Additionally, the health benefits of this sapphire stone are nothing to scoff at. It helps in fighting diseases like bronchitis, gout, and insanity. Further, illnesses related to bones, teeth and ribs can also be resisted by wearing this gemstone.

Just as was the case with the Yellow Sapphire, compatibility is important in the case of blue sapphire as well. Not many people are said to be compatible with this stone, hence taking an expert opinion is recommended before purchase.
The Ceylon Blue Sapphire/Neelam Stone, from Sri Lanka, is considered to be the most beneficial from an astrological perspective. For maximum effect, wearing it in silver or platinum is preferred.

Coming onto the beautiful Pink Sapphire Stone, although not as strong as Blue Sapphire, this stone has recently risen to be among the most popular gemstones. A major reason for this is its ability to strengthen the sun’s position, making it an apt substitute for Burma Ruby.
Just like the blue sapphire, the pink sapphire is also beneficial in terms of a person’s financial life.

The vibrant pink stone signifies and has a positive effect on one’s love life as well. It improves their appearance and helps them find a compatible match.

The pink sapphire especially favors people who have to maintain a public profile in their profession. So jobs related to art, sales etc. are bound to receive the Pink Sapphire’s benefits.

As far as health benefits are concerned, this stone is especially helpful in fighting mental problems like depression and trauma. For physical ailments, people suffering from digestive diseases should seek this stone’s help.

Finally, shifting our attention to the transparent White Sapphire, this gem is somewhat different to the other members of the Sapphire Family. The primary difference being its lack of colour, made of pure corundum, the White Sapphire Stone / White Jarkan Stone has a distinct transparent look which actually makes it a good aesthetic replacement for diamond, owing to their similar appearances.

Associated with the planet Venus, White Sapphires are known to bring good luck and wisdom to its wearer. And just as was the case with pink and blue, this stone can also prove to be of financial benefit, providing the user with a luxurious life.
People working in the creative field like authors and artists can also benefit greatly from this gem since it fills the user with joyful and enthusiastic thoughts.

Being associated with Venus, the White Sapphire is said to aid in the healing of venereal infections and also in conception. But for these purposes, compatibility is a major player and hence, an expert opinion should be taken before purchase.

The stone also strengthens the cosmic rays of Venus, helping the wielder in maintaining a healthy relationship with those around them.

Providing a host of benefits as mentioned above has made the sapphire family garner immense popularity in the astrological world. No matter what facet of life one wishes to improve, one of the sapphires is sure to fulfill the need.

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Note : – Don’t Wear Any Gemstone Without Astrologer’s/Experts AdvicO

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