14 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha


Natural 14 Mukhi Rudraksha origin Nepal.

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14 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha-Chaturdashmukhi Rudraksha is believed to have originated directly from Lord Shiva’s eyes, overwhelmed by the grace of Lord Shiva himself, hence the greatness of this Rudraksha is special. It is the controller of the agya chakra which is located between the two eyebrows. The person who wears this Rudraksha in the center of the skull is worshiped by gods and brahmins and attains nirvana. It is helpful in penetrating the Agnya Chakra and increases mental imagery power. It is similar to the third eye of Lord Shiva and helps the wearer in self-defense and proper planning of work.The shape of the Ajna Chakra is like a two-petalled white lotus, the two syllables Ha and Kshma reside in it, its seed element is Om, the loka is the bottom, the yantra is like a linga and the presiding deity is Lord Shiva.It is said that the wearer of Chaturdashmukhi Rudraksha gets Shiva Shakti Pind, that is, he imbibes Shaktipeeth and Jyotirlinga. The wearer purifies the forefathers and increases their fame. This Rudraksha improves the present, heals the past and anticipates and brightens the future.
To get the best results from this grain, touch the command chakra located in the middle of it for a few minutes. It is also considered as the incarnation of Hanumanji. Lord Shiva took birth as Lord Hanuman and helped Lord Rama find Sita and kill Ravana. In the form of Anjani’s son, Shri Hanumanji went to Surya Dev and got the education of all knowledge and arts from him. Lord Hanuman’s character in the form of Rudra is devoted to the protection of the good and the destruction of the wicked. He is a complete devotee of Shriramji. He is the foremost among the intelligent, the best among the brilliant orators and the skilled messenger and devotee of Shri Ramji. The wearer of Chaturdashmukhi Rudraksha receives the blessings of Lord Hanuman. This increases the secretions of the eight Vishnuchakras.
In the form of medicine, this grain is helpful in the treatment of heart disorders, eye disorders, skin disorders, uterine disorders, psychosis, ulcer related diseases and sexual disorders. People have used it in the following ways:

(1) Dip it in water for a few hours and drink water, so that wrinkles Get lost

(2) Dip it in honey for 24 days and take one spoon of this honey daily, so that sexual disorders can be eradicated.

(3) Keep it in cow’s milk for three minutes and give this milk to the children, so that fever can be eradicated and memory can be developed.Who should wear it?

This Rudraksha is also called Maha Shani, so people suffering from Shani dasha or Kalsarp should wear it. If people engaged in share trading and betting wear it, then there can be profit. It helps the top officials in manpower administration to judge people. Businessmen of import-export can also increase business by making correct predictions about their business relatives without meeting them.

The mantra for wearing Chaturdashmukhi Rudraksha is:-Om Namah  ,Om Namo Namah.






ॐ अस्य श्रीं हनुमन्मन्त्रस्य रामचन्द्र: ऋषि: जगती छन्द: श्री हनुम द्देवता औं बीजं, हस्फ्रै शक्ति: अभीष्ट सिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोग: । मौजींयज्ञोपवीताभरणरूचिशिखाशोभितं कुण्डला भ्याम् ॥ भक्तानामिष्टदानप्रवण मुदिनं वेदनाद-प्रमोदं ।


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