10 Mukhi Rudraksha


Natural 10 mukhi rudraksha Origin from Indonesia.

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Natural 10 mukhi rudraksha Origin from Indonesia.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha -Dashmukhi Rudraksha is one of the rare types:-According to Nirnaysindhu Mantramaharnav and Shrimaddevi Bhagwat Purana, it is blessed by Lord Vishnu. According to Rudraksha Jabalopanishad, it is blessed by Yamraj (the god of death) and ten digpals (lords of ten directions). It removes the malefic effects of Navagrahas, Betals and Brahmarakshasas. It protects the wearer from witchcraft, evil eye and premature death. It also protects from ghost. This Rudraksha is blessed by many deities, namely Vishnu, Mahasena (Kartikeya), Yamraj, ten Digpalas and ten Mahavidyas.Vastu defects of home, office or factories are also removed by this. It is very helpful when there is litigation, discord and enemy-nuisance.An interesting point is that this Rudraksha unites the Vaishnava and Shaivite sects and brings relief from inexplicable troubles like evil spirits, witchcraft, jealousy etc. by combining the powers of the two great deities.

Who should wear it:-Narayan Kavach made of 10 grains of Dashmukhi and one grain of Ekamukhi is an effective means to defeat any opponent. Combination of Dashmukhi Rudraksha is a means to get rid of the effect of Vaastu defects, adversities and witchcraft etc. Dashmukhi Rudraksha is very helpful in insomnia, restlessness of mind, lack of direction in life, instability in choosing profession, etc. By keeping it in worship, the grace of both Hari and Har can be obtained. This is the first Rudraksha above the control of all the planets, so this Rudraksha is effective to avoid the suffering of any planet.

The mantras for wearing Dashmukhi Rudraksha are:- Om Hree Namah Namah ,Om Hree Namah

Dashmukhi Rudraksha has the ability to influence the ten directions and all the planets. Lord Vishnu is pleased with its holder. It pacifies the nine planets. The sins of all the organs of man are destroyed by it.




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