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A pyrite beads bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is made using beads made of pyrite, which is a mineral also known as “fool’s gold” because of its metallic luster and brassy-yellow color. Pyrite beads are commonly used in jewelry making due to their attractive appearance and durability.

To make a pyrite beads bracelet, you will need:

  • Pyrite beads (you can purchase these from a jewelry supply store or online)
  • Beading wire or elastic cord
  • Crimp beads or bead tips (if using beading wire)
  • Jewelry clasps (if using beading wire)
  • Scissors or wire cutters

Here are the steps to make a basic pyrite beads bracelet using beading wire:

  1. Measure the length of beading wire you will need for your bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist and adding a few extra inches for the clasp and to allow for the beads.
  2. Slide a crimp bead onto one end of the beading wire, followed by a jewelry clasp.
  3. Loop the end of the beading wire back through the crimp bead and use crimping pliers to crimp the bead into place.
  4. String the pyrite beads onto the beading wire, making sure to leave enough space for the bracelet to drape comfortably around your wrist.
  5. Once you have added enough beads, slide another crimp bead onto the end of the beading wire, followed by a jump ring.
  6. Loop the end of the beading wire back through the crimp bead and crimp it into place using crimping pliers.
  7. Use wire cutters to trim any excess wire.

If you prefer to use elastic cord for your bracelet, the process is similar, but you won’t need crimp beads or a clasp. Instead, simply string the pyrite beads onto the elastic cord, tie a knot to close the bracelet, and trim any excess cord.

Once you’ve finished making your pyrite beads bracelet, you can wear it on its own or stack it with other bracelets for a layered look.




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